Want to save their health – expand your circle of friends *

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D. It is only at first sight! Talk, go to visit. Эмоциональное udovletvorenieObschenie – is an outlet that is needed for many of us. Reliable and proven pals will not let you become a victim of scams and other residential intruders that could easily happen to your unsociable odinochkoy. Druzhite with your neighbors! For example, the ill, he will not report it to your friends and, of course, would be deprived of any support. A clear negative emotions shorten our lives. * The wider the circle of your communication and the greater the number of your friends, the longer you live – the conclusion made by researchers from the University of Utah and New Carolina. Communicating with interesting and enjoyable for us human beings, we become mentally and emotionally rich. Tochno as a loner and will act in matters of health. Sredi your colleagues should be at least one to whom you can contact in case of unforeseen problems or obstoyatelstv. Itak want to keep yourself health and live longer? Acquainted with the person, write his phone number, email address – sooner or later a situation may arise when you need it.

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