Persistence – this is a healthy mind!

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In the constant drunkenness? ” Now I see why powerful people launched a desperate company “for a healthy lifestyle. Strengthen the spirit – it’s not interesting. … “But if you drink a well-known artist, painter, poet, musician,… (well, those who in our name creators oak grove), then it is -” well, he is such a delicate and sensitive nature! It has a rhythm of life! That’s when the body ceases to do at least some signals – it can hardly be called healthy. In view of the constancy of his drunken, I rummaged through the pile of dung called the Internet. As possible to such a fall! Although I no longer wanted to talk about health. Which is better: drunken constancy or constant drunkenness? And they say that “the constancy of the result – a sign of excellence. Here is the full perfection, the top of harmony, tolerance and silent consonant shelestenie leaves! Health is when you do not need to call an ambulance more than once in 20 years! Ministry of Health warns: “forewarned – not so dangerous. We must strive to rise odubet and grove wood brothers, shoulder to shoulder! Mark and gave it up at once – it’s like death. Healthy literally means – “like a tree!

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