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S age, starting from 30 years in the male testosterone begins to decline. In addition, these habits lead to a malfunction of the internal organs – liver, kidneys, negative effect on testicular function, resulting in inadequate testosterone and further deterioration in potency. They must add the lemon juice, celery, parsley, which have a stimulating effect. Negative impact on the health of the prostate has hypothermia, often lengthy hypothermia (eg, ice fishing), leads to chronic disease prostatitom. Sardiny – this is the best value and nutritional value, plus they are sold on every corner. Helps to improve vision and pamyati. Men’s Health – WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT IT Men’s Health life of modern man takes place in a tight rhythm, the struggle for survival, the desire to provide for his family, to reach new career heights. In the southern nations to increase potency for a long time used figs. Temperamental Italians knowingly consider the basis for many dishes such mixture: tomatoes, garlic, olive maslo. And in Russia, Siberia, and to that end successfully used kernels of cedar nuts. They contain lots of vitamin E stimulates the production of testosterone and sperm maturation. What is the source of the unquenchable energy of the male body, the same “battery”? Contained in cabbage vitamin K improves the clotting krovi. Na that attention should be paid to men for early detection of a decline in their testosterone? The effect is enhanced when combined with honey. The effectiveness of each is different, but based on these diets is set mandatory for men products. Alcohol and nicotine negatively effect on potency, causing spasm of blood vessels and the weakening of erection.

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