What effect does the food on our health

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Wood breathes the soul into its fruit. Initially, newborn rats fed with natural milk, why they lived happily ever after, frolicked and quickly grew. What was it in bulk milk, which is lacking in an artificial mixture? The only difference is this mixture of milk lay in the fact that its ingredients were obtained not from living matter, and the artificial. This is because the food preferences of these animals is almost identical to the eating habits of people. However, this was not enough to sustain life in rats. Unconventional approach. But then replaced with an artificial milk formula, which in its composition was completely identical to milk up to the enzymes. Biofield soup most strongly, as soon as he was removed from the plate, but then it starts to dry out very quickly. Therefore, for their research, scientists use different animals. As soon as the fruit torn down, filling it with bioenergy is terminated, and she gradually begins to dry out. The second law of thermodynamics states that “energy is not taken out of nowhere and does not disappear, it merely changes from one form to another. ” The human body also has this energy, called the biofield. Experiments on humans are prohibited for ethical reasons. About these shades psychics often say, when diagnosed with aura and define its color. The more times the food is processed, the less field energy stored in it, although protein-calorie options may remain unchanged. After mixture is almost absolutely replicate the molecular composition of milk. Any processing of products promises to loss of vital energy. ” It is known that all living beings possess biofield, as soon as it disappears, a living organism immediately turns into a lifeless, that is a corpse. Why not? First of all, note that the biofield give food Nature. Aura food also varies. One thousand test was divided into three groups, according to three groups of people. Another experiment was conducted on rats. Therefore, cooked food is recommended immediately after cooking, until it has cooled.

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