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Vo the bath reduces the load on the joints and reduced muscle tone. In the neutral temperature water pulse rate is reduced by about 6-10 beats per minute. It ranks fourth among the ways of relaxation, walking after watching TV (78%), walks (43%) and communication with family (42%). Women more than men tend to de-stress in the bathroom (respectively 56% and 24%). Zdorove – conscious improving the quality of zhizniPodvodny massage combines the effects of aquatic and massage, that is, water temperature and water pressure on the body. Because the blood vessels dilate, the pressure is reduced and blood supply. While taking a bath positive changes in muscle blood flow, releases hormones and the kidneys. Vo time the longest water treatment water temperature should be neutral, that is, equal to about body temperature. The important role played by the choice of bath water pressure, number of nozzles, engine capacity and competence производителя. V today Jacuzzi or whirlpool can be enjoyed at home as well, taking care of yourself and your need to protect zdorove.

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