How to find health in your hand

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Ih color dark red, even purple – Examine the kidneys and liver. If a sharp clicking on it with your thumb drugoyruki, you feel a piercing pain, seriously loans to their well-being – uvas appeared urgent problems zdorovem. Kak hand looks healthy person? FORM RUKIIzdavna seen: the wider the hand, the stronger health. Warm, pink, with a healthy gladkoykozhey; hand with clear lines, not wet, but not too dry, the joints of regular shape, flexible, good listener hand… And if something tomenyaetsya? Влажные also indicate a problem with the endocrine system. Esli skin becomes yellow palms, likely changes in the liver gall bladder (hepatitis, cholelithiasis, cholecystitis,…). Red palms can indicate of toxic lesions pecheni. Esli draw a line from a point between the pinkie and ring finger to the wrist, tonizhnyaya third of this line in his hand (the wrist) corresponds to area of? Common diseases: bronchial asthma, inflammation of the rectum, with fleshy palms gipotoniya. These palms doctors call “liver”. But on etipriznaki pay attention and consult with the appropriate vrachom. U owners of small hands too susceptible vegetative nervnayasistema. Na pathology in the urogenital system indicates severe pain during compression space between the hand-held middle and ring paltsami. Including the nature and zdorove. Learn to recognize the signals of ill health, sent vnutrennimiorganami teaches physician-reflex Tatiana VERLE. The fingertips are purple – should take digestive sistemoy. If zheladoni peel large plates, go to a dermatologist: for hands poselilsyagribok. The skin on the hands and especially hand-held small scaly plates – the lack of vitamins A and D. LADONMramorny drawing on the palms says about the problems in the autonomic nervnoysisteme. PALTsYChasto numb little fingers – go to the cardiologist: possible cardiovascular problems sserdechno sistemoy. “Goosebumps” by hand say that you have a problem with palm эндокриннойсистемой.

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