How to find health in your hand

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Red palms can indicate of toxic lesions pecheni. Na pathology in the urogenital system indicates severe pain during compression space between the hand-held middle and ring paltsami.

T problems with blood circulation. And rightly so: it turns out, our hands and palms – kladezvsevozmozhnoy information. The fingertips are purple – should take digestive sistemoy. SUSTAVYChereschur flexible joints (or, conversely, do not bending) in muscle tone obschemsnizhennom fingers indicate a problem with the liver and in the joints of zhelchnogopuzyrya. This is one of the manifestations of arthritis. Hrust often indicates a lack of calcium in organizme. Ladoni burn? Common diseases: bronchial asthma, inflammation of the rectum, with fleshy palms gipotoniya. U owners of small hands too susceptible vegetative nervnayasistema. Esli joints red, swollen and painful started to swell, srochnoobraschaytes to the doctor. Esli skin terminal phalanges appeared deep longitudinal folds, like wrinkles and even skin and dries hands constantly, note the endocrine system. Onemenie large fingers indicates the weakness of the respiratory sistemy. “Goosebumps” by hand say that you have a problem with palm эндокриннойсистемой. Warm, pink, with a healthy gladkoykozhey; hand with clear lines, not wet, but not too dry, the joints of regular shape, flexible, good listener hand… And if something tomenyaetsya? Konechno, all written below – in any case not accurate diagnoses. A’s narrow hands with long fingers, thin and pale skin, usually with a thin ulyudey nervous organization, responsive to the sharp perepadytemperatur or atmospheric pressure, the change time zones, harsh sounds, emotional peregruzki. Including the nature and zdorove. LADONMramorny drawing on the palms says about the problems in the autonomic nervnoysisteme. Spot nabugrah Venus (so called lofty base of the thumb) – not all okay with sex organami. It is not excluded that this nachaloishemicheskoy bolezni. BOLPo Chinese medicine, the point at the center of the palm is energeticheskimtsentrom entire body. FORM RUKIIzdavna seen: the wider the hand, the stronger health. Zudit lateral surface of the right index finger – the problems in толстойкишки.

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