NLP and Health

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“Neurological levels are not so much a hierarchy as closed cycles or a hologram. It was easy to achieve, why you want to be healthy? as a magnet for our behavior. IdentichnostChto means to be a healthy person? For example, it is unlikely that one cigarette will bring any harm, but the habit of smoking is associated with an increased likelihood of developing heart disease and lung cancer. Values? “capacity” I support the health, running every day for three miles. Beliefs and values? Your health – this is your way of life in general, and it is influenced by many factors: individual, psychological, social, physical, especially pitaniya. Ubezhdeniya control for the most part of your behavior, so the most effective way to change behavior often change beliefs. To get something important for themselves and avoid what is harmful. They have a tremendous impact on our health. PovedenieChto you do? This results habitual ways myshleniya. Environmental factors – air pollution, food quality – are critical to our health. Factor in the external environment, which can be dangerous, is the increased electromagnetic radiation from power lines. Your health involves you in full: environment, behavior, thoughts, beliefs, identity and duhovnost. Can not be the rationale behind (although they need not be irrational. What we think of as pure reason (belief), causes changes in the body that are tangible and real. And, thinking about this time, answer the following voprosy. Which of these cause the most pronounced change? Chem you fill your inner circle? beliefs and convictions were tsennostiKakie you about your health? Often attempt to change behavior is largely based on the strength of will, and in this case, it is very easy to go back to the status kvo. Loneliness, isolation, and poor relationships with other people is a significant risk to zdorovya. Why we do what we do? In addition, it is the level that the NLP is called “strategy” – which have become habitual ways of thinking and responding. What people around you? There are two aspects related to health: Avoid unhealthy habits and develop zdorovye. What was the situation? Values? Pervy level – this environment, the things and people that surround you. How do you think then? Podvedem results: Health affects all levels of neurological and, in turn, is affected by each level. Vtoroy level – behavior that is what we do. In some studies, it outshines even such factors as the place where you live and your wealth. Health is defined and the physical and mental state, and they both affect each druga. “Surroundings” Many my friends also go to the gym. YaZYK and neurological UROVNIYazyk, used by man, shows what kind of level, he said. Beliefs – these are the principles that govern our actions. NLP offers specific techniques for resolving conflicting beliefs and replacing old beliefs with new, better able to maintain our health – to act on the levels of identity and spirituality, and adjusting all other urovni. Above identichnostiPodumayte about how you relate to all other living beings and all that in your opinion, is above you (for some people it is a religion or spiritual sphere). “behavior” On Wednesdays I go to the gym. And as he continues to think of myself as a patient, he is still ill. What was important to you in health?? After the patient – is someone who is ill. Habitual behavior does not stop an effort of will, more often we can change it by defining the purpose behind the habit, and choosing a healthier way to achieve it. I Finally, the sixth level – a level of spirituality, your connection with other people and that is higher than your personality, how would you about this for a dumali. What time of year was it?? SposobnostiKakimi skills you owned then? Was it a natural state? In addition, studies in behavioral therapy found that the extent to which we believe in the ability to control their own reactions, is an important component of the ability to defend themselves against the harmful effects of stress. People will not change as long as they will not believe that this is a good reason and this change will bring them something important, or would lead them away from what they would like to avoid. Behavioral therapy is often ineffective because they do not take into account the level of beliefs and values. - this is what we want: health, wealth, happiness, security, love. OkruzhenieGde you been? Snachala remember a time when you felt really healthy.

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