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Taktika doctor overseeing the health of the child, its development, becomes active only in the case of the disease. This is to some degree – a guarantee of a child’s health. Ona involves prevention of rickets, anemia, and infectious diseases. These standards govern the multiplicity of surveys and monitoring of child health and pediatric specialists. The reasons are well known: the ecology of water, air, food, accommodation in the city, our daily stress, electromagnetic radiation, occupational hazards and parents t. At the same time it allows all of the above faktory. ” Its meaning is clear. Decide when and to whom to show the baby. The questions are many: power moms breast-feeding, maintaining lactation, timing and method of introduction of complementary foods, vitamin therapy, motor skills development, selection of toys, child cognitive activity, prevention of rickets, acute respiratory diseases, anemia, relationships with family members. You should not refuse such a dynamic system for monitoring the health of children. Healthy children are smaller and, therefore, healthy parents. And by choosing a decent children’s clinic, skilled professionals, relying on an individual approach, namely pay for health care. Many parents, unfortunately, believe that information from books, TV, Internet, or advice of the older generation will allow them to care about the health of children, doing without the help of a doctor without going to Children’s Medical Center. However, the lack of understanding in this matter is found, not only in young children roditeley. We discuss the important period of stay in a nursing home, the first latch baby to breast, vaccination in the nursing home. After discharge from the hospital, may already be familiar to you doctor comes acquainted with the baby. Doctors, only help to be healthy, as far as possible in each sluchae. Protect yourself: eat right, exercise, sleep and much more.

|If your health is the health of your loved ones!

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