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Kompleksnoe organizm. Match with jewelry for body and soul – a bracelet QuadrActiv. - improves sleep, increasing the level of the evening “sleep hormone” serotonin. Home? - normalizes pressure, removing vascular spasms and increasing the efficiency of heart. Human wrist – important for the health area, where the biologically active points. Japanese scientists, in particular Dr. It combines elegance and efficiency jewelry influence on biologically active points. In the car? Can you think how to make a gift to a dear man who is not just another pretty trinket, a valuable and useful thing? Vy want to attract attention for original decoration and feel like it takes care of your health? That “something” takes care of your health? In the mid-eighties of the last century, Japanese doctors performed a series of medical studies and published data on treatment with magnets about forty заболеваний. And in the office? But the wrist – the traditional place for ukrasheniy. QuadrActiv bracelet combines the elegance of jewelry and efficiency effects on biologically active points. What to do? Bio-ceramic inserts with the emission of negative ions of oxygen (white) Negative ions entering the blood, increases levels of serotonin, which has a calming effect, charges the vigor and energy. They are associated with cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, nervous and other systems. What you have now on your wrist? Asai, proved that the organic germanium in the blood increases its ability to deliver oxygen to tissues and cells. Zolotye bracelets, of course, attracted the attention of others, but does not work on acupressure points.

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