What to eat to stay healthy TEETH

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Consume sugar in fruits and honey. It severely affects the enamel and can destroy it first, and then the tooth itself. Vo First, the critical temperature: ie, Whether hot or cold food. Odin of the most powerful tools for the prevention of dental caries is parsley, she, like dairy products, supplies enamel indispensable calcium. So avoid overlapping, for example, hot tea and ice cream, or hot – just fire – barbecue and cold beer, and do not drink hot drinks at moroze. A what kind of foods can help maintain healthy teeth? High level of calcium in dairy products (milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. Usually in the dental office is a necessity. What to eat to stay healthy TEETH The question will be, above all, of the enamel. The big difference affects the enamel, it weakens and eventually cracks appear. The interaction of salivary gland with food debris and oral bacteria often produce acid. And besides, perfectly eliminates odor from rta. They can erode the enamel. V Third, citrus – another enemy of teeth.

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