Health of the Nation, as a national idea?

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Comes to the fact that the saints vodka. The health of all and each – the nation’s health – this is the matrix, the root from which grow the state tree. O drinking a special subject. Which, in turn, directly affect those, for example, processes such as inflation. How to determine the great state of your country or not? In addition to physical health, there is a health psy

Archical. Now some numbers. Church scattered, many denominations, churches are still divided. But let’s be poryadku. But embedded in our traditions since ancient times such wonderful things as religious positions. We also consume up to 12 liters per year. And how not to use if alcohol advertising on television captivated the evening until it stops. Soulful, delicate culture, promoting the growth of social consciousness. But, people somehow believe positions the exclusive domain of deeply religious citizens. A strong, stable economy, which guarantees a piece of bread, and even with the oil to anyone who loves and knows how to work with. From the fact that people come to the major religious holidays in the church, only to dedicate the water or food, spiritually they do not get it from. A centuries-old traditions of the Slavs zrya. The priority of basic science over pseudo-scientific immediacy. Ni’s no secret that good health Ukrainian citizens, alas, do not shine. The revival of the church as an institution, to no avail.

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