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Temperature difference contributes to the powerful flow of energy. Krome of MirSovetov advised to allocate more time to get out into the countryside. V Nowadays many techniques developed respiratory health. People with weakened field feel sluggish and neuverenno. With regular training you can achieve amazing results. Vo while running man does not spend, and draws energy from the environment. She lets perspiration through the skin to take more energy than jogging pokoem. But we can devote half an hour a day to maintain their energetiki. For a start will be enough for 5-10 minutes, but over time you can increase the duration of the practice. By adopting a sitting position, slowly start to breathe air at first stomach, then the middle part of the chest, and at the end of the upper. Let us examine some of the nih. Vazhno to remember the principle of gradualism. In the morning shower to finish better than cold water – it will give you the courage to fly day and night with warm – it will help you relax and fall asleep easily. Proper breathing will make you even more harmonious person both physically and psihologicheski. Natural emission of green plants positively affects our plasma, and hence on mental health. MirSovetov advised to start with a simple water treatment rubdowns cold wet towel. Running will give you much more good if you use visualization or positive attitude. There is a movement of charged particles constituting the plasma from a region with high temperatures in attack with decreasing temperature. While running your body acts like a motor. The exhalation should be done in reverse order, the breath should be unhurried. But he at any time of year, even in the bitter cold, unable to walk barefoot in some shortah. And with new powers to take on new projects.

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