HEALTH BEGINS WITH WATER… “purifiers” Morning Dew “”

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V the same time, to preserve the health and beauty of a person should drink per day up to 2 liters of clean vody. And this water is exposed to several types of negative effects: 1. Pathogenic bacteria, harmful bacteria that multiply in the old lanes, as well as copper, iron, is washed out of dilapidated pipes into the water, further impairing their strukturu. “Why,” Yantra “Morning Dew”? Anthropogenic zagryaznenieRezultat perennial discharges into open waters of industrial wastes, pesticides, heavy metals, waste water sewer systems. Excessive hlorirovanieHlor coming as part of “purified water” in the human body, can deystvovatna destructive immune system blood supply, the internal organs.? Luchshy way to preserve his health and the health of their loved ones – to take care of clean water in your living dome. It is clear that human health depends on the quality of the water that he drinks. Pri this, the water retains its natural structure, the necessary human and mikroelementy.

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