How to find health in your hand

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Color, shape, size vashihladoney, with all their wrinkles, furrows and mounds – this is the code of your health, discover that not everyone has the power of Spanish artist Goya… Take a picture twice as much, if depicted on it eschei hands. It is not excluded that this nachaloishemicheskoy bolezni. Na pathology in the urogenital system indicates severe pain during compression space between the hand-held middle and ring paltsami. Joint pain and third phalanges mezhduvtoroy ring and index finger prevents ovozmozhnyh problems with the knee. Ih color dark red, even purple – Examine the kidneys and liver. Your liver can not cope with intoxication caused otravleniemalkogolem or chemicals. Ladoni burn? LADONMramorny drawing on the palms says about the problems in the autonomic nervnoysisteme. U owners of small hands too susceptible vegetative nervnayasistema. Red palms can indicate of toxic lesions pecheni. SUSTAVYChereschur flexible joints (or, conversely, do not bending) in muscle tone obschemsnizhennom fingers indicate a problem with the liver and in the joints of zhelchnogopuzyrya. The fingertips are purple – should take digestive sistemoy. Шероховатость skin on the dorsum of the index finger on the problem neredkoukazyvaet gallbladder. Esli joints red, swollen and painful started to swell, srochnoobraschaytes to the doctor. There is an exciting experience – divination by hand.

T problems with blood circulation. The liver izhelchnogo bladder. The skin on the hands and especially hand-held small scaly plates – the lack of vitamins A and D. BOLPo Chinese medicine, the point at the center of the palm is energeticheskimtsentrom entire body. However, people with short fingers and shirokimiladonyami prone to disturbances in the circulatory system, primarily to an increase in blood davleniya. FORM RUKIIzdavna seen: the wider the hand, the stronger health. Esli skin becomes yellow palms, likely changes in the liver gall bladder (hepatitis, cholelithiasis, cholecystitis,…). These palms doctors call “liver”. Vechno cold hands – violated the peripheral circulation, organizmunedostaet nicotinic acid.

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