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2. Vitamins and vitamin complexes. But more on that later:) There’s something to think about… Now, let’s try to calculate how much as it stands, or rather our precious precious health? There are a lot of information about the dangers of synthetic vitamins. Drugs, pills, syrups, antibiotics…. In the summer-autumn season eat as much natural fresh fruit, berries and vegetables containing vitamin C. Be sure to walk a lot outdoors. 1 and 2? Immunoglobulliny5. Together with the cold autumn days are closer to us selected season flu. 1. 2. With weakened immunity, even the most innocuous virus is a serious problem. Viruses are beginning to circulate in the air, forming an explosive mixture, which affects primarily the weakened organism of children and adults. 5. 4. They are a great many! many reasons for each: no time, laziness, “I’m so healthy! A simple example. While we do not get sick – and seems to be worried about. This was very much written on the Internet. Here is a simple, seemingly, a list of actions, ways that will strengthen the immune system, and thus protect the body against any illness: 1. ”, etc etc. The owners of pharmacies are beginning to “live” at a time. Sleep at least 6-8 hours a night – the time required for the body to restore its own forces and not to spend unnecessarily defenses immuniteta. No you pounds of fruits and vegetables, there are no vitamins in tablets, Chikako drugs) would be great, right? Etc. And they are all SYNTHETIC! Vse most doctors recommend taking medications that increase immunity: immunal, limfomiozot, aflubin, anaferon, viferon and others. Engage in charge – exercise stimulates metabolic processes in the body, give the spirits and energy for the whole den. Maybe three? Interferony3. And why not? It is known that immunity – a natural defense the body, it is the first barrier to enter the body of infections and viruses.

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