NSP supplements and health

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The great mistake to consider that BAA vrednymi. If this does not happen in the body over time develop their deficits. Definition of dietary supplements, the value for zdorovyaV. Dadali VA Head of the Department of Biochemistry, St. I most offensive – among the erring many medikov. We will not be treated because we do not get sick! I, unfortunately, medical students about still do not govoritsya. Hotya most of the problems of health and prevention is directly related to micronutrient deficiency and could be resolved if the trace elements have been actively implemented in our system pitaniya. For example, zinc, selenium, boron and drugih. Doktor Medical Sciences, professorSegodnya on the market, offering great dietary supplement that can provide us with all the necessary micronutrients that we underpaid with respect to edoy. II Sechenov, DSc, professor, academician of the Baltic akademiiBAD teaching – it’s not drugs, not a cure for the disease, but a means to eliminate the reasons causing it. This always leads to a reduced ability to fight off harmful environmental factors to poor health, lower efficiency, acceleration of the use of dietary supplements stareniya.

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