Health of the Nation, as a national idea?

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Which, in turn, directly affect those, for example, processes such as inflation. A mental health is directly connected with all that surrounds us. But embedded in our traditions since ancient times such wonderful things as religious positions. And there is nothing to live somehow… And because instead of airbags in cars attached icons, accidents due to drink-driving atheist not become less. And he must fight for the world. Church scattered, many denominations, churches are still divided. Fifty-five? In addition to physical health, there is a health psy

Archical. This is partly true. We also consume up to 12 liters per year. And how he will live tomorrow? But let’s be poryadku. Health of the nation, as much in that sound… Most people believe that this term laid primarily physical health. What are shaking hands will raise from the ruins of our economy? So the health of the nation is still in great danger. This, if anything, is that unifying national idea, which vainly seeks a generation of politicians and thinkers. Tea from tea bags, instant coffee, milk from powder, yogurt, without the beneficial bacteria… The list goes on. For men, this dose is contained in 75 ml of vodka or cognac, in 150ml of wine, 300 lm of dry wine or 500ml of beer, for women – 50ml vodka or cognac, 100 ml wine, 200 ml of dry wine or 330ml of beer. ” Left spiritual health. A politician who actually thinking such categories as “the nation’s health ‘, thinks strategically, and not enough for short-term” projects “and not taken on the back of future generations the burden of their debts – to the nature or foreign creditors. Far-sighted policy, the country of impeccable historical mistakes. It suffices to observe that our citizens will consume, and how they do it. Otherwise… Then think through for yourself. Soulful, delicate culture, promoting the growth of social consciousness. But, people somehow believe positions the exclusive domain of deeply religious citizens. Now some numbers. How to determine the great state of your country or not? So we eat in the “fast food”, and home cook in the microwave try anything for a quick hand of the semis, bought in the nearest supermarket. We ridicules them kichas some abstract spirituality, but actually plunged into the abyss of a general disease, which has one million names. A centuries-old traditions of the Slavs zrya. The revival of the church as an institution, to no avail. Any educational institution begins with swimming pool and courts, rather than classrooms and desks. Well, what, say, health is necessary to have in order not to fall into a swoon of prices in markets and grocery stores? For all these accomplishments are ordinary people – flesh and blood – and their health depends on whether Ukraine has the grandeur of this European country. And how not to use if alcohol advertising on television captivated the evening until it stops. ” Moreover, each new occasion occurs, almost an ovation.

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