Zdorove. Ono whose?

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|Health Elixir

Problematic issues: – The positive components of health. (Bulletin “Hardening – the path to health”) – The negative factors affecting your health? – Facilitate the development of the students healthy and active lifestyle. Good health, reasonable to maintain and strengthen the man himself, gives him a long and active life in society. (Abstract “Healthy going – all dobudesh”). In the course of their work, we have seen clearly realized the idea of? In the process, students write the essay, found the answer to the question: Why should health? and responsibility for their health. Achieve positive results contributed to the favorable climate, the culture of communication and interpersonal relations in a humane assembled team. Also working on the project, the students carried out research work, in which were found negative factors affecting health and their consequences, beneficial and harmful habits and their consequences. All this is useful for us to further our work with children.

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