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Humanity is struggling with dust cloths, brooms and brooms for centuries on end. Many studies have shown that poor indoor climate may be the cause of many respiratory diseases known to date. Very harmful particles decaying paint that covered the parquet. Podschitano that 1 gram of house dust mite can live up to 30 thousand of these mites. In other words, we inhale approximately 4 grams of pure dust into our lungs every day without noticing it. In the kitchen you can find a dangerous allergic reactions flour dust in the bathroom – mold spores. We spend at home most of his time. In the living quarters they come with clothes, shoes or inside upholstered furniture. Allergy to dust mites – a real global disaster! We will cover only a small fraction of those creatures that can live together with you to see kvartire. Krome agents, in samples of house dust is considered carcinogenic particles present kitchen soot, and tobacco smoke. Our homes are becoming more comfortable, and it facilitates reproduction of the parasites that cause respiratory illnesses (asthma, lung disease). What did we do to rid yourself of the dust in our homes? Experts measured that one day we inhale with the air an average of about two tablespoons of dust! WHAT SHOULD I DO? A healthy environment in the premises – is the foundation of our well-being and health. We do about 20 000 breaths every day and fill our lungs on the average 13-15 m3 of air. Of course, yes, especially with the invention of the vacuum cleaner.

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