Smoking or Health – take your pick

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Kak Ironically, smoking in recent years more and more “passionate” women, especially at a young age, although they are more affected by this “disease” because of the delicate structure of his body. 5). 7). For those people who smoke and abuse alcohol, the risk of cancer (oral cavity and nasopharynx) increases by 15 times. And they mean that there is over, something to think about. 52 million tons. 8). Smoking – the main cause of amputations nog. 35% of children suffer from chronic diseases of respiratory organs, if two smokers – 83. 2). Women who smoke, the complexion gradually takes dirty-yellow hue, premature wrinkles, teeth rot faster aging organizm. 90% of deaths from lung cancer – kurilschiki. 4). In men under 40 years of sudden death from acute myocardial infarction are closely related to kureniem. Approximately 15% of all premature births associated with smoking during beremennosti. Just imagine. This silly habit that causes many deaths zabolevaniy. 9). Children born of parents who smoke are more likely to lag behind the physical and psychological razvitii.

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