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And now let’s look at what gives us the confidence and the health of appeal – it’s a good mood. We can say that health – a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely absence of disease. If you are accustomed to notice the failure, the more you pay attention to [...]

Health, slender figure, the energy – thanks to VERVE!! Gazirovanny generated by reverse osmosis insanely healthy Verve drink has the same nutritional components that Vemma. Verve – it’s incredibly healthy product, in addition, without sahara. Formula Vemma – liquid and is now available as a healthy energy napitok. VERVE unique product that in its composition contains VEMMA with its properties + some unique components! palm, calling it “the best health product in the U. One of the most influential popular science magazines of America Ms. Components Verve Vemma contains the original formula includes vitamins and mineralov. Lyudi can not believe that good for the body can be so sweet to vkus.! Taste fantastic! Who does not need more energy in our time? Tolko that they are strong, does not always mean horoshee. Home and obvious benefit of energy drinks – energy. Most of these drinks are not considered useful for zdorovya.

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Health as a gift

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Our future depends on us, from the lifestyle that we lead. Now is the time when you have to pay more attention to a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet. Marilyn Monroe’s career – a wonderful thing, but she did not warm up a cold night. Congratulating our relatives, friends and acquaintances with some triumph, we first [...]

How to lose weight, but not health?

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Breakfast, lunch, uzhinBudem at least strive for regularity. They helped me 3-4 months to get rid of 10 kg and with no additional effort to maintain the result. If it has been about 20-30 minutes, and increased feelings of hunger, we have earned snack. Drink-voduMediki nutritionists consider the norm 30 ml of water per 1 [...]

OUR PHILOSOPHY – Health Option

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Do we have reason to believe that the world has at least gradually approaching to the desired ideal? ) Times, two times smaller than the inherent nature! The number of such contacts frighteningly large. No us fortunate enough to live in an amazing time. I’ll give this answer. We know that this potential can only [...]

Take care of the health of our families

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Sit on the floor on his knees, hips or on the heels of “Turkish”. This support the spine, liver, intestines, kozhe. · Hands with palms tightly serried extend to its full length to throw over his head, then draw them slowly over the face to the waist, as if cutting the body in half, then [...]

I want to… Health is not ended. Draw the image of health

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Pure water springs, cool forest lake available to you? It is clear that our actions are absurd? Dumped at least once an old vacuum cleaner? Pereydem to specifics – let’s true of the image ZDOROVYA. – Is there to reach the goal, you have to go in the opposite storonu. Our life – a chain [...]

How to stay healthy for many years to come?

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What’s really scary – is that we are passing the disease is inherited to their children. • Hear what the leading doctors, academics and professors about dietary supplements – draw conclusions. Dazhe if you are aware of only 10% of what you see in this film, you will save yourself and your family a lot [...]

Health, which emphasizes the beauty of

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Wellness means to feel good, look good, long life, be full of energy. In fact, all the demands of the modern society can be met! Byt healthy and young – fun! Naprimer, the benefits of a regular bowel movement has long been known. What is the difference, what’s the level of cholesterol, what pressure, what [...]